Verify Leads

Real Time Deduplication, Verify addresses, Landline, Mobiles, E-mail in real time, Full suite of reporting, Real time campaign optimisation.

campaign management


Establish a 360-degree view of customer interaction and sales opportunities.

real time validation


Deliver value with integrated interaction and knowledge management.

compliance and regulation


Plan, implement, and measure more effective marketing campaigns.

Verify Leads is committed to providing a world class technical marketing solution to its clients, servicing both agencies and brands alike, to ensure that your campaign management and compliance is in the safest of hands.

Media Buying, Duplication, Verification, Compliance and Optimisation.

Verify is a market leading cleansing and lead management platform. Our solution allows clients to receive pre-screened and verified leads in real time through multi-channel sources across multi-channel campaigns.





responsive devices

Verify Leads is a bespoke lead management and lead validation software, Over the last 5 years our solution has been built and developed in-house by some of the most innovative software developers in the marketing industry.

With the constant evolution of the marketing industry, the need for best of breed data and leads quality has never been more important, along with the constant changes in compliance and regulatory change our Verify product has never been more important to our clients.






With added features that allow you to manage and track lead delivery, campaign performance and optimisation from your phone, tablet the efficiency of your lead procurement and compliance has never been better, we also offer an on call support team that are happy to help and answer any questions you have 24hrs per day.

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