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A Misunderstanding of Online Consumers is Holding This Brand Back


It’s not often you hear a brand as well-known as Heineken admit that they are struggling to understand customer behaviours. The shift to e-commerce has proved a challenge for big players in the grocery sector, and Heineken’s global head of e-commerce, Ghislaine Prins-Evers, has said that their difficulties can come down to a lack of data, collaboration and investment in the right areas. (source: Marketing Week).

It appears they are struggling to keep up with the pace and progression of the e-commerce markets. Brands and agencies have found it difficult to adapt to the change in customer behaviours brought about by this technological evolution. The development of online shopping has left several big names in the dust, and companies should be doing everything they can to avoid becoming the next name on the list. Gathering the right data from the right places will make things easier, though it’s important to know which avenues to pursue. As Heineken has discovered, some retailers are more open to sharing than others.

There is always more to capture. There is always more to learn. Customers are always changing, and there is an unquenchable need from businesses to understand what is going on in the markets around them. The data will be ever-changing, particularly in the technological world of e-commerce, and particularly when gathered from third party sources. Hopefully, for the company, as for any other brand or agency, they know that they will always need to be striving for more when attempting to understand customer behaviours.

Collaboration with retailers could hold the key, as results show that over 40% of Heineken’s customers want to access real-time promotions and 53% want to compare prices on their online devices. Providing customers with these seamless integrations has a positive effect on the customers’ journey, making it quick and easy for them to find themselves the best deal for the product they desire. As Prins-Evers said at the IGD conference, Heineken and retailers need to “work together in key markets to test things” and that “certain functions need to interact with one another much more than ever”. (source: Marketing Week). Targeting audiences is what we do at Rendham Digital, and we believe collaboration is a vital spoke in the lead generation wheel.

Trying to understand customers “based on intuition” will not work online. Heineken recognises this, and they know that more can be done to convince e-shoppers and retailers to share vital data. Unlike many that have fallen to the monster of e-commerce, Heineken seem to be fighting their corner and uncovering paths to becoming successful online.

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