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Have the regulators been trying to tell us this all along?


As data regulation tightens and user information transparency becomes more and more prevalent. Does this mean that the pressure for us as digital marketers to gain an ever-increasing grasp on our consumer journey controls, mean that our processes and our tech must evolve at an equal or even faster pace?

A few years ago, we shifted our business model away from the traditional use of email and display affiliate networks to a more direct media buying, content rich consumer journey. We found that although our traditional methods produced the desired results for our clients. Our new strategy yielded higher contact rates, higher conversion rates and more importantly a higher value per new customer.

So why is this?

It’s simple and I hate to use this word, but it’s obvious – A truly informed consumer can make a truly informed decision.
By essentially using above the line tactics in a digital environment we can publish an eye-catching ad to a far wider audience and allow the consumers subconscious to identify that “oh yeah! I need this”.

Now that we have peaked the interest of a consumer we can begin to introduce multiple touch points and with each interaction provide an ever-increasing level of detail regarding the product or service that we are ultimately trying to sell.

Adding multiple touch points is something that we as digital marketers try to avoid. After all, the lower the number of stages in our journey the higher our conversion rates, right?

Wrong! If your campaign is engaging the right audience and your message is telling the right story. Then this just isn’t the case.

We often get so bogged down in pursuit of higher and higher on page conversions and click through rates that we can dilute the message to the consumer. This can more often than not result in a user that has tentatively completed a form. Rather than a user that has explicitly expressed an interest in purchasing the said product or service.

So, have the regulators been trying to tell us this all along?

We have been producing content rich lead generation services for a number of years now and it is clear to us that lead generation is evolving. The days of outgoing mass market communication via email or even lifestyle type surveys are becoming redundant. We have a responsibility to gain a greater grasp of the controls, create a clearer consumer message and ultimately provide our clients with a well-informed new customer who is without question in the market to buy right now.