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Content is Still King


Engaging consumers with brands is at its most challenging. Consumer trust is at an all-time low and the mainstream media have a frenzied repulsion of direct to consumer marketing. This has meant that we as digital marketers have had to look at other ways to generate leads and in turn has created the most evolving market place we have seen in many years. However, just like Brexit we have moved and continue to operate in unchartered territory. As businesses change with the times and we embrace new technology and of course regulations such as GDPR… we have to look at what this means to the average consumer?

We suspect marketing terms and acronyms such as AI, DSP, ESP, SEM, CRM ,native, programmatic, omni-channel and re-targeting, don’t mean too much to the audience that engage with our content …things need to be simplified and obvious so it’s a natural flow and direction to the consumer.

So where do we sit with consumer engagement?


Rendham Digital Launched our Native business ( in 2016. It was early days but with analysis of the connection between impressions and a fully engaged consumer lead, the evidence is clear that there was a flow of direct consumer advertising and a soft advertorial led message.

As with any channel, Native is changing and has its downsides. The raw click bait type messages can be seen as misleading a consumer and publishers on the face of it are exposed as having little regard to what is rendered. This coming year will be an indication of the best and worst of Native Advertising and what it can offer the market.

Nonetheless executed correctly Native Advertising, is undoubtedly one of the most highly performing routes to market that offers one of the strongest life time value propositions back to clients.

How we buy our media and the way we engage with our consumers has never been so advanced and measurable. AI and Machine Learning now gives us accessible data so we can see how the customer journeys from seeing the advert to making a purchase. This information is invaluable in recognising buyer behaviour and how to further develop the success of this.

Native Advertising has bought back many traditional marketing methodologies with intelligent media buying, A/B testing and optimisation at its fundamental core.

We have seen that with good conventional content writing and highly targeted messages Native Advertising rather than mere click bait has really demonstrated success. This is evident from our existing clients’ results, who are experiencing the maximum conversion rates on record.

This being a consequence of a fully informed consumer and fully transparent consumer journey…. Who would of thought?

Buying Native media can be a time consuming and expensive task. Fortunately at Rendham we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience that is supported by our highly skilled media buying team that is ready to help you on the road to a successful Native campaign.

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