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A New Generation of Lead?


Are you confident that you know how to attract leads through social channels? Social media is an ever-changing platform and a world in which one generation, Generation X, will have only ever lived through. Marketing through social media channels has become a minefield for marketeers with a myriad of options to choose from such as native advertising, chat bots, sign up forms and video marketing to name but a few.

It’s fair to say that many marketers are using social media to generate leads, but is everyone producing the very best results? Perhaps it’s through a lack of understanding of the social media channels, uncertainty about how to produce that all-important social media strategy, or just not knowing which social channel customers are placing their preference. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: it’s no longer enough to post one piece of content and hope it reaches the target audience.

Quality content, highly targeted campaign planning, optimisation and analysis is the key to driving traffic and ultimately, capturing leads.

How do we use paid social media advertising to attract those all-important customers? At Rendham Digital, we have mastered the art of social media lead generation. Using a combination of campaign planning, lead segmentation, content creation, optimisation and analysis. Return on investment for your business is our No 1 priority.

We have seen that using high quality content targeted at the right audience using the right messages, plays an integral role in lead generation. The results speak for themselves …


A well-executed paid advertising strategy can be a work of art, and if executed incorrectly, can be time-consuming and ultimately, costly. Hefty budgets WILL be wasted very quickly.

At Rendham Digital, our highly skilled media buying team understand what it takes to achieve success. We’ll create the campaign, buy the media and the best part is, you only pay for results.

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